Genova has become a very jaded young adult. After nineteen years of living in a small town science academy under the watchful eyes of eccentric scientists and their snarky children, he's given up all care in the world as to why he was a product of science, why was he so different from everyone, and what he wants to do with his life.

But then he meets Terrie, a new student studying under the school's sassy medicinal expert, and while she offers to help him escape from Cedar Pointe to live like a normal human being, his life begins to change before the plan could even happen.

You can read from the beginning by clicking here. As of February 2016,  this comic updates once a weekend, either Saturday or Sunday depending on how i get to juggle my life and comics with a full time job.

As for who I am, I'm basically a somebody from Queens NY that likes video games and drawing and have been on a fruitless job hunt for almost a year now. I can be contacted via


The Main Characters
Name: Eugine Genova (Geno)
Age: 19
Status: Project #4264 and Teacher's Assistant of many trades

Born and raised within the New Generations Research Academy. As much as he is a crowning achievement in science, he doesn't seem to be very well liked by the community. Much of the time, he refuses to talk to people, but when he does talk to someone, he talks way too much.

Name: Theresa Daiquiri (Terrie)
Age: 19
Status: 1st year/Team Potpourri

A new student from out of town who's short enough to be mistaken for a kid and ungirly enough to be mistaken for a boy. She sees Audrie as the plantwitch guru of medicine, but apparently, Audrie is looking up to HER as if she were an idol. She becomes popular for her talents and niceness as much as her anxiety makes her uncomfortable with most human interaction. She's mostly upfront enough to approach people when she needs to.

Name: Garrison  Generic (Gary)
Age: 17
Status: 2nd year/
Psych Team

Gary is the oldest of four identical children belonging to the robotics professor, Harold.  He's socially obnoxious and annoying, and has an on-and-off alliance with Genova to where Geno actually talks to him. Sometimes.  His siblings, from oldest to youngest, are Lawrence (Larry), Carolyn Francesca (Carrie) and Barrett (guess), but how well they get along is a mystery since they are rarely seen together.
Name: Riley
Age: 34
Status: Janitor

He's a mysterious grouch who turns on cleaning equipment and looks after Genova while the others are busy with classes. And gets bullied by Audrie.

Other Guys.

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