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Comic 45 - End of Discussion.

Posted on 19th Jan 2012, 3:34 AM by Cammi (edit | delete)

Introducing... a new character.

Missed a monday update due to aquarium mishaps that nearly killed one of my goldfish. He is doing well now! And then other things happened, and so this one comes a day early.

I'm also trying some different things when drawing this page like less line tool abuse in the backgrounds. I'd rather my backgrounds look like crap than too mechanical.

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OwlPosted on 19th Jan 2012, 7:35 PM by Owl (edit | delete)

AAAAAHHHH!!! It's the witch!


CammiPosted on 22nd Jan 2012, 5:47 AM by Cammi (edit | delete)

The witchiest witch which ever witched!


LowPosted on 20th Jan 2012, 4:46 PM by Low (edit | delete)

Ah who's this? She looks cheery.

I know what you mean. I've also been trying to achieve a more natural look in my work lately. Still experimenting.


CammiPosted on 22nd Jan 2012, 5:52 AM by Cammi (edit | delete)

Oh yes! She has her way with people!

The experimenting is definitely fun! I'll likely be doing that for a good long while.


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