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Comic 117 - Common Interest?

Posted on 13th May 2014, 2:57 AM by Cammi (edit | delete)

One time a relative of mine had a guest that smelled really bad and I sent said relative a text message about it across the room. No one would assume two people texting in the same room of a house would be texting each other, right?


I had most of the weekend to myself and got this finished except for dialogue by the time my new cintiq came back.

It didn't really come back, just got replaced entirely due to "intermittent power" issues, according to the invoice.

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AmaarePosted on 13th May 2014, 3:11 PM by Amaare (edit | delete)

Hmmm /hmmm/! Mystery or lies?
Or simply a distraction?


QuetzalroflPosted on 14th May 2014, 3:10 AM by Quetzalrofl (edit | delete)

What I want to know is why they all assumed Eugene started the weather machine.


CammiPosted on 14th May 2014, 9:10 PM by Cammi (edit | delete)

I'm sure Terrie wants to ask that, too.


CammiPosted on 20th May 2014, 11:18 PM by Cammi (edit | delete)

hi guys!

i woke up this morning with an excruciating neck strain thanks to a pillow that was too big for me. i cant finish today's page until it goes away or at least doesnt hurt too much.

thanks for bearing with me, as always.


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